Highwall units offer the biggest range of sizes from 2 to 9kW of heating and cooling to suit your rooms needs. These systems are the most commonly used around the world for cooling , but in New Zealand they are fast becoming the most popular source of heating.

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Compact, elegant, space-saving, super-quiet and highly efficient Floor Console range of Single-Split Inverter Heat Pumps, providing up to 7.10kW capacity output with heat down to -15°C. Furthering the benefits of installing a Floor Console is the Upper & Lower Vane design - providing bi-directional airflow that warms the whole room uniformly, right down to your toes.

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Cassette systems are a powerful, highly efficient range of flush-ceiling-mount single-split Inverter heat pumps, with four directional vanes, from 6.0 to 14.0kW capacity and optional air filtering. Perfect if you do not have the wall space but still want to benefit from a warm home.

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Large area interiors can now enjoy almost invisible heating or cooling from the highly efficient, Large Capacity, ducted Hide-Away single-split Inverter heat pump range, with flexible installation and usability feature options. Supply air grills can either be ceiling or floor mounted (if you have room under your house). Centrally controlled with a 7 day timer. Sizes range from 6.0 to 14.0kW capacity.

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Panasonic Multi-Inverter Split Systems can be set up in many ways, from two to four indoor units all run off the same outdoor unit. The outdoor unit takes up a lot less space and is quieter than four single outdoor units.

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