Multi-room heat pump units Taranaki

The complete system for your home or commercial climate control.

Panasonic Multi-Inverter Split Systems can be set up in many ways, from two to four indoor units all running off the same outdoor unit. The outdoor unit takes up a lot less space and is quieter than four single outdoor units.


Plus you can mix and match your interior units from single-wall heat pump units to the flush-mounted ceiling cassette or floor console. This is the ultimate system in efficiency, reducing the footprint of your external units and controlling the temperature within your home, office or hospitality business.


If you have a building where each room requires different heating and cooling requirements let the team at Heatcool Taranaki advise you on the best selection of c for your needs. Call us for a free quote on 06 751 1509 or contact us here


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multi system

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