Single high wall unit Heat Pumps.

Warm in Winter, cool in summer - comfort all year round.

With a high wall-mounted unit inside your home and a corrosion-resistant compact outdoor unit, Panasonic's range of high-wall heat pumps keep your home at just the right temperature without taking up too much space.


Ranging in size from 2 kW for an average bedroom to 9 kW for a large lounge or open plan area Panasonic is the leading brand when it comes to residential comfort solutions for your home. 


The perfect solution for heating and cooling your home these heat pumps not only moderate the temperature in your home but also purify the air, an incredibly important feature for the control of asthma and allergies. 


With new narrower widths, stunning minimalist design and matt finish your heat pump and air conditioning unit will harmonize with your home interior. Not only that, but with Wifi features, you can control and program your home or work climate through your phone or through one of our many controller options, be that a remote or wired-in wall-mounted controller.

We're here to help! If you have any questions about our products or would like more information on how we can make your home or office more comfortable, please don't hesitate to contact us or phone 06 751 1509


Panasonic “Gold” dealer 2013-2015 Panasonic “Elite” dealer 2015-2022.

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