Heatpump Servicing

How often should you get your heat pump serviced?

All heat pump brands now require your heat pump to be serviced regularly to keep the warranty valid. It’s recommended that you have your heating and cooling systems serviced and maintained at least every 12 months.


HeatCool Taranaki is a local company that offers expert servicing of heat pumps and air conditioning systems. Aside from warranty validations, it's also important to call our team of service engineers for regular maintenance on your commercial or home heating and cooling systems to ensure your system runs efficiently and remains cost-effective.


To ensure that your heating and cooling system is always running at its most efficient levels we provide regular maintenance plans to prolong the life of your system and save on your energy costs. 


If you have any questions or would like more information please contact our expert heat pump service team today.


Panasonic “Gold” dealer 2013-2015 Panasonic “Elite” dealer 2015-2022.

Man servicing heat pump

We provide free quotes which is specific to your home or workplace as every situation is different and requires is own type and size of system depending on your want and budget needs.

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